Here are links for some of my publications including conference papers, poster presentations, and journal articles.


Tanasale, I. O (2007). Designing a set of instructional speaking materials using Contextual Teaching and Learning for the second grade of language program in SMA Stella Duce 1. (Undergraduate thesis). Retrieved from Sanata Dharma University Database.



Refereed Articles

Tanasale, I.O. (2018). Poetic Reflection: Mixed Emotions as an NNEST. NNEST Newsletter in TESOL Interest Section. TESOL Convention.  (Refereed).

Tanasale, I.O. (Spring, 2018). Poetic Journey as a Second Language Learner and Teacher. Inspiring Pedagogical Connections Journal. (pp.1-3). Indiana, PA: Indiana University of Pennsylvania. (Refereed).

Conference Papers

Tanasale, I. O. (2017). Translingual Practice: Weaving Native Cultures to a Writing Classroom.Proceedings Of Indonesia Focus, 1(1). (Refereed).

Tanasale, I.O. (2014). Third Place: Constructing students’ new identities in cross-cultural understanding. Proceeding of the 3rd UAD International Conference. (pp.504-515). Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Universitas Ahmad Dahlan  (Refereed).

Tanasale, I.O. (2014). Cyber Pal Project (CPP): Building a cross-cultural communication through Facebook. Proceeding of the 61st TEFLIN Conference. (pp.582-586). Solo, Indonesia: Universitas Negeri Surakarta (Refereed).