Unclarity Unheard Just like sounds But neither a word Nor a language in your ears Mixed together Murmuring, Whispering, Shouting Asking me.. confidently answered Asking me again..tremblingly repeated Questioning face..Unconfident feeling awkwardly silent moment I'm resistant   *This poem is based on my experience when my either Ambonese or Ing-Lish accent becomes dubious for the … Continue reading Accent

Writing: As bittersweet as my coffee

A cup of coffee definitely brings a real side effect: Temporary happiness-IOT This idea came from a friend of mine who likes to drink coffee on a regular basis like four to five times in a day. Back in the past, unless somebody treated me, I usually drank coffee like once or twice in a month. I … Continue reading Writing: As bittersweet as my coffee

In the beginning: My privillages

My privileges are constructed and re-constructed through my contextual relationships with my university, my mentors, and my students. These privileges are closely associated with the construction of social identity. I position myself with the context as it aligns with "Social identity theory [that] recognizes the membership of individuals in many groups (ingroups and outgroups), of which … Continue reading In the beginning: My privillages