Diary 3: The idea of investment (in English)

The goal of my husband in his life is to be a great investor. He wants to develop his business not only in one sector but in many. As he experienced living in the United States, English is the capital that he wants to invest in learning. Bonny Norton in his theory of identity and investment … Continue reading Diary 3: The idea of investment (in English)

Diary 1: Dipping in American Dream

Learning America is not as easy as reading America encyclopedia and hoping that we can grasp anything related to America easily. I wondered when I, at the first time in my entire life, witnessed my husband's reaction toward his early days in the US. I cannot deny the excitement to the weather and environments especially … Continue reading Diary 1: Dipping in American Dream

Post method: 3P

My writing response for my reading by Kumaradivelu Kumaradivelu expanded his discussion about post-method theory that he conceptualized as the way to be hands-on theory for teachers to implement based on the context of the schools. A PEDAGOGY OF PARTICULARITY The term pedagogy includes not only classroom theory and practices but also "wide range of … Continue reading Post method: 3P