The Discourse of Pregnancy

Pregnancy becomes a discourse for women who are carrying the baby in their womb. How discourse is constructed through pregnant handbooks, gynecologist, and public (very common from the women who have gone through this process) are varied depending on the expertise and experiences. 1) Many tips are provided from the books from how to exercise, … Continue reading The Discourse of Pregnancy

Facebook makes me fat and strained eyes

Yes, Facebook makes me fat and strained eyes. These are the facts that I can and will not eschew. I spend hours and hours sitting in front of my macbook reading (and maybe expecting) other people's status without realizing that I'm storing garbages in my mind. It is really a mind-controlling media that captured my … Continue reading Facebook makes me fat and strained eyes

Diary 3: The idea of investment (in English)

The goal of my husband in his life is to be a great investor. He wants to develop his business not only in one sector but in many. As he experienced living in the United States, English is the capital that he wants to invest in learning. Bonny Norton in his theory of identity and investment … Continue reading Diary 3: The idea of investment (in English)