Vaccine oh vaccine

Being a parent sometimes brings a butterfly in your belly. For me the butterfly will be any type of injections like vaccines for lil’ Mark. Like today, when Mark would get his third vaccination (he already got 1st and 2nd Hepatitis B) but this time it would be two injections. Well, mommy had been so nervous for about a week thinking how to deal with “grouchy Mark” when he was upset with those needles. And ..the day has come..I woke up early, washed myself and was ready to go to Indiana Pediatrics. Mark was happy as usual as well as daddy. We came 15 minutes late so we had to wait for another 15 minutes while mommy dealing with administrative issue. The doctor called Mark’s name and we went inside her practice room. Everything went good but Mark was a little unhappy since we had to take off his cloth two times for weight measure and body check up. We (me and daddy) were so excited knowing he gained more weight from 11 lbs to 13.4 lbs during a month. Seems that my fear for having less breastfeeding milk was a hallucination. Okay, a long story short, Mark finally got those two injections (Pentacel: DPAT/IPV/HIB) in his chunky legs and one oral vaccine(Rotateq). he cried for only 30 seconds, I took him and held him in my arm and he felt asleep. Oh my baby, he was doing a good job when I was only being chicken =( Hewas put back to his car seat and we decided to have our lunch in Fortune buffet ( after almost 5 month mommy and daddy were absent from going to public place).Baby Mark was sleeping during our lunch. We finally got back home and baby Mark could get his own lunch(90 cc milk)and continue his sleep. This adventure today has a happy ending with baby Mark resting the entire day. Your mamma is so proud of you lil’ guy.

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