The Discourse of Pregnancy

Pregnancy becomes a discourse for women who are carrying the baby in their womb. How discourse is constructed through pregnant handbooks, gynecologist, and public (very common from the women who have gone through this process) are varied depending on the expertise and experiences.
1) Many tips are provided from the books from how to exercise, maintain food diet, to have personal care for changing the body and many more lists with reader-friendly language. 
2) In contrast, for medical supervision (discussion, check-up, and test) by OG is quite challenging since some terminologies are new for newbie mom like me. This discourse somehow can be problematic because being a pregnant mom we are not well trained to be critical to question why I have to have 3 different blood tests, pap smear test, and can I choose to drink particular medicine or not. I am aware of the power relation of Doctor-Patient (Expert vs. inexperienced) that force me to just agree with whatever the doctor said due to my lack of knowledge and their busyness to serve other clients. 

3) This part of public discourse is very interesting because the issue will be generated from common sense, common knowledge, and personal experience. Different from the second discourse which is more fixed. People will gi
ve you different types of suggestions that can be contradictive to what Doctor said ( e.g. Pineapple vs. No pineapple). I feel that in this part I gain more ownership of my choice during my pregnancy to decide where I should go with. Surprisingly, I just realize one thing, pregnancy can give you benefit from public service or help which I will totally resist🤣 My husband and my good friend will always tell me to reveal my pregnancy (by showing my baby bump) so people can help me (e.g. lift some heavy stuff in groceries store). Well, as far as I feel I’m strong enough this is something that I will reject in the first place😅😆 know for sure a help will not kill me but I will prefer to be insignificant and not drawing any attention (I do understand some women are the weakest point in their life through pregnancy so it is case per case). I guess this 25 w. of my pregnancy, I still feel healthy as I pray it will continue until my due.

For those of you my strong women who have been or will be in this situation, this is the precious moment of you and your baby to build connection and understand that somehow there is intervention from people from different discourse just to show they care and think about you. The decision to accept or reject is on your hand.


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