Diary 3: The idea of investment (in English)

The goal of my husband in his life is to be a great investor. He wants to develop his business not only in one sector but in many. As he experienced living in the United States, English is the capital that he wants to invest in learning. Bonny Norton in his theory of identity and investment claims that the tenet of motivation limits the process of language learning based on psychological construct while investment is much more about a sociological construct. For motivation can be identified based on its unitary relations of either extrinsic or intrinsic factor influencing desires to learn English. Different from the idea of motivation that seems fixed, investment roots in the social interaction and reinforces the change over time and space. Investment relies on multiple identities and how it is (re) produced and performs in society. For instance the multiple identities of my husband as an international citizen, J-2 visa holder, my husband, and entrepreneur as well as challenge his idealism and reality about how he has to use English for introducing himself.

These ideas of multiple identities formation within English learning by my husband is related to the idea of a community of practice by Wenger (1998). The premise of a community of practice is the process of position and participation in terms of their status, expectations, works etc. Wenger argues that people belong to several communities either as a full member or just in the marginal way.  The contribution and involvement in this communities will influence how one constructs his/her identity.

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