Become an (amateur) Poet

This post is quite random because I like to share the origin of me to become a ver very new in the poetry world. Well, since I was a child, I always dreamt of being an artist in one of art scope. I had tried drawing class and my dog picture turned out to be a goat.  I then gave a shot on watercolor class but I messed up with the water instead of colors. Those experiences were happened to be in my senior high school time. I eventually ended up in a dancing class by learning some traditional dances from Maluku. It was pretty weird I started to play with words and have bold to write a contemporary poem. I didn’t read lots of poems but I always felt amazed every time I saw people can creatively write a phrase, sentence, and poem that has powerful meaning and gained my great attention to think.

Later, in this year, I had sort of conviction that I can write a poem just for a sake of my weekly assignment in one of my courses. I felt so embarrassed when my poem was read in the class by my professors. Yet, I was extremely exhilarated to get the comments like “a powerful and inspiring poem.” I guess I finally found the source of my creativity: writing a poem. I know it will be a far-retched distance journey to be  skillful poet as it will be my long-term goal. For short-term, I prefer to at least put what I have in mind resulted from strong drive to give meanings through words and can be remembered (at least for me) when I need an inspiration.


Well I hope I will get an inspiration!

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