Diary 1: Dipping in American Dream

Learning America is not as easy as reading America encyclopedia and hoping that we can grasp anything related to America easily. I wondered when I, at the first time in my entire life, witnessed my husband’s reaction toward his early days in the US. I cannot deny the excitement to the weather and environments especially in the summer time was really a breathtaking experience in Indiana. Where my Basecamp is. The numbers of pedestrians are limited due to the summer time so most of the are out of the town. We don’t meet a lot of American (let me describe here in a very literal way: White, Blonde kind of American movie’s actors as my husband expected to). Thank God we are lucky to visit some places such as Churches, restaurants and shopping centers, thus there is a chance to meeting many local people.

As for me, we set up the idea that since my husband decided to live in the U.S with me and will eventually look for a job, I decide to act as his English teacher and he will be a student. in this condition, he will spend three hours for a day to learn English from youtube and discussion with me. English becomes an investment for my husband to access the capital for not only daily interaction with American people but also for his professional life. As Norton (2015) reminds the idea that through English, one can shape the imagined identity, as I also found happen for my husband. His desire to make him keep up with online and offline ways of learning English. Youtube becomes the great media for him to memorize some words while listening to the preachers in the church. Well, I think a lot to do but we can be great. I will post next about how my hubby keeps up with the learning through many challenges, obstacles, and thrill to learn English through my lens as English teacher-wife identity.

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