Indonesian women migrant workers

They come with innocent face
Travel from the other sides of the country
Desperately leaving their family behind
Promising assuredly to succeed in a new place

They are undervalued as “slaves” in the host country
Some are lucky enough to be considered as maids
Working 24 hours in their employers’ house
Forcibly serving the whole family members

They gain their wage monthly
But some reap beyond their wish
forcefully tolerating any domestic violence
As a punishment for their (unfortunate) misbehavior

The world knows them as Indonesian migrant workers
For human trafficking news all around media
Cosmopolitan label them as the international oppressed
For the transnational mobility that they proceed

Our country bestow them as national heroes
For the income after their labor force
I call them fighters of socio-economy movement
For their boldness to toil for their living

I wish for an equal right
To wipe out the mock of their halal profession
Emerging from our own society
who lower them down as blue collar citizens

I wish for a social justice
To eradicate any domestic abuse
From their host family and country
Who belittle their pride and freedom

I wish for better education
To teach them their rights and capitals
For defending them in any danger
As they will help their fellows in needs

I hope my wishes are continually advocated
For those whom we call as the gatekeepers of justice
Because those workers are 70% women
with no lesser value than others (IOT)


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