Distorted society

We are living in the world where bias and inequalities are something in common and acceptable. The binary concept like black and white prevails in any dimension of our lives. We are forced to identify ourselves with particular prescribed norms to make us survive. There are only two options about life, black or white, javanese or non javanese, insider or outsider, city-villege. this concept essentializes and categorizes biological, cultural and even geographical features perpetuated deeply inside our bones which make our eyes can’t see the true meaning of something and even somebody. The identities are simplified through the context-dependent which shuttle through and beyond the boundaries
This concept shut ourselves from so many beautiful things in our life. The reflection distorted us to see many shapes by diamonds.
People are faced with two options: love or hate. Ratcliffe gives the idea of disfunctional society when there is no open discussion between two parties but the silence as the problem will go away soon.

color blindness

We need to redress this distortion by

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