Unfinished English

English becomes Supernatural Force
When it takes control all the aspect of your life
It controls how you think
How you speak,
how you move,
how you live

You feel you become somebody
When you have this power
You feel you are a part of the world
When you have this expertise
Just because you speak like them

You are nobody
When you are misjudged by people
Only because of your accent
Your skin, your face, your identity
They blame your unstandardized rhyme
Because it doesn’t sound like a melody

My tongue cannot deceive
When I want speak that melody
My skin cannot be bleached
When I want to be a part of them
But at least,
My brain somehow can think
To understand that quick transformation
Cannot change anything

It is me who needs to perceive myself well
With English that I present
Not them who sometime look down on me
It is me who needs to tolerate my learning well
With English that I learn
Not them who sometime cannot understand my accent
It is me who needs to travel with the ‘whole’ me
With English that I carry
Not them who sometime see only a bit part of me

I am the pilgrim of this journey
It has not finished or found the end
To discover who I am through English (IOT)

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