Writing: As bittersweet as my coffee

A cup of coffee definitely brings a real side effect: Temporary happiness-IOT

This idea came from a friend of mine who likes to drink coffee on a regular basis like four to five times in a day. Back in the past, unless somebody treated me, I usually drank coffee like once or twice in a month. I didn’t do that often because I didn’t feel any usage of having coffee. When I saw people got addicted to drinking coffee, I thought it was just a matter of choice, like whether you like so much cheese or not.

The idea of drinking coffee just stroke me when I started my life as a Ph.D. student.  I easily felt asleep every time I have a long list of readings. I decided to start drinking coffee as a daily basis just to make my eyes open widely enough along with the expectation that my brain could work actively. I can’t exactly remember since when I started this routine, but I just realize my life is significantly changed. Sometimes I believe this is not about caffeine from the . Still, I cannot deny the fact that strong caffeine really strikes my nerves (LOL) but I can manage it somehow.

This idea of drinking coffee is akin to the notion idea of writing for me. Similar to drinking a coffee, apparently I write a lot  because of the natural call  of  my physical need and study obligation. My body needs coffee to stay awake like my course requires my writing as the products of my critical thinking. I didn’t really like these two activities in the beginning. But like a natural force, I only can be submissive to do what I have to do.  I have a strong feeling that I will make a good friend with coffee like writing..at least by writing this blog I feel better, somehow…as a my sanctuary when I’m too tried with all those academic readings and writing LOL


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