A monster in me ?

Sometimes you just keep a monster inside of you, in form of anger and disappointment just because things doesn’t go like what we like. For instance, like things that bothering or really annoying you so bad like you want to just scream out loud and release your madness. Well…that’s the way I used my figurative language.

My top 3 Pet Peeves are :

1). A smoker (s), especially when they do it in the public places or in public transportation. Seriously, if you ( a smoker) want to die, can you just do it for yourself without harming other people? or the easy thing..can you just swallow your smoke without make any kind of air pollution to other people ? It seems so ridiculous when people are very conscious to do things that brings obvious negative contribution to other people  such as cough, annoyed face, discomfort feeling and even bad odor to people, then they are just okay and feel that nothing happen.

2). People who like to curse when they speak especially when they call one’s name by using creatures from the zoo or even from their backyard. It’s is very irritating and irrational when people feel that they can degrade human’s value with animal ? Imagine that all that they have said come true? the earth will just moved backward to the era of Adam and Eve but full of pigs and dogs.

3). People who leave uncleaned toilet after using it. Sometime when I am in this situation, I just think how disgusting those people who like to do this thing and don’t care about the feeling of people who will use it after them. You can imagine you pass by beautiful woman who smells good but at the end, you find her darkest secret that she is so dirty and have no care with other people’s feelings. Probably, I am too much, but I love reading some signs in the toilet asking for people to have more care with other people who will use the toilet afterward by maintaining the cleanliness of the toilet. Yes, I like to wipe the closet after using it, make it dry and make sure that there will be no puddle. I hope people will think the same.

Yes, I need to conquer my monster, by thinking that all people are not the same with me…My tips is  drawn from Elmo’sFunny-monster-cookie-quote-hd-wallpaper song.

Belly Breathe
By Common & Colbie Caillat


Sometimes the monster that’s inside you
Is a monster that is mad
It’s a monster who is angry
It’s a monster who feels bad.
When your monster wants to throw things
And your monster wants to shout
There’s a way to calm your monster and chill your inner monster out.

Belly breathe gonna breathe right through it
Belly breathe this is how you do it.
Belly breathe gonna breathe right through it
Belly breathe this is how you do it .



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