A Beach Lover

I was not a beach lover.  I would say that although people could make fun of me because I am an islander. How come? Living in my parents’ house nearby the seashore…I rarely went there because I thought I had some excuses so it might sound acceptable (at least) for me. Top 3 reasons for not liking beach are 1)I am a bad swimmer…I can’t swim until now…some basic skills that I can do are just floating, and moving for about 2 meters with my hands lie flying under water while my feet are just dancing like a drunken master in the water. Yeah, even the expert already taught me, but I just need to conquer my self to be brave in the water (Read: Not sinking like a black stone). 2) Bad hair = Bad day. I hate to get my hair wet and salty as it turns out to be blonde (in a sarcastic way to say when my hair just like a corn hair). It is going to be difficult to take care of it. 3) When it is a sunny and hot day, I let my skin get darkened and burnt by the Sun. Come on..seriously, it ‘s hard to make it brighter, and it is unfair to have a minute on the beach then all the beauty of skin fades away (Now, I’m getting too exaggerating).

But all my excuses become not so important anymore when I have found the special place at the back of my new house. Yes, a beach, an ordinary beach which has no attractiveness if people look at glance.this beach is not a sandy beach, yet it tends to be stony one. Yet, at the first time, I allowed myself to be open-minded and come closer to the fact that this beach keeps its beauty in its way. This beach has no particular name. I called it Dock beach because its location is near Tawiri Dock where some shipwrecks are still anchored there to be repaired. Why this place becomes special? Imagine that you have a shipwreck, you can find thousands of fishes which build its nests around it. Thus, this place becomes hunting spot for all local fishermen. Also, this beach contains many beautiful coral reefs which have been searched by all the divers, local and international ones.

The very last one is the hot spring, where the heat comes out from the sands. I still can’t explain this phenomenon clearly. This hot spring is made traditionally by the locals by the dig in the sands and creates a pool around it for people to do the same relaxation with hot water. According to a Hufa guy (Half Japanese-half Ambonese) called pak Niko Sang, in the past, Japanese army made hot spring bathtub for them by wood.  Yet, it was broken by the locals.However, it does not harm the environment because some hot springs pool is still there.  This place has changed me a lot especially my perception toward a beach. This beach becomes so special for me because it embraces nature and history at the same time.

If I can have time travel machine, I would like to see myself in the next 10 years at that same beach as I have grown the spirit of the loving beach. Having a relax dipping in its natural pool early in the morning, while my kiddos are taken by their dad to learn how to swim. Yes, that’s something that I can envision myself in the future while  I can see that beach through the window of my unfinished house.


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