A single to a newbie wife

Yes, I am a newbie wife, a very remarkable yet challenging role in a lifetime. I used to be a single  for more than 30 years and I was so blessed to experience many things through this phase of my life. Although I had 7 years of relationship with my ex-boyfriend (Who is my husband now!), still to change the status and the role is  not as easy as I thought. I just got married on 28th Nov 2015 (Yeay!!!), and it has been 44 days of living my marriage life. Changing the status is easier for me because people can recognize me recently from the Status of my relationship on Facebook, my wedding ring, my new title as Mrs. JJ even my attitudes according to some of my friends (the last one is a bit weird because I’m still wondering about and observing myself).

Meanwhile, the role of wife is a bit harder because I need to wake up every morning and convince myself that I’ve been his life partner already. My habits need a re-adjustment switch. Nerves in my brain are suddenly working 24 hours (Too exaggerating) although in fact I just need  to cook for somebody, to prepare the shopping list,  to do laundry,  to iron, to clean the room,  to keep being a good (and even better) lover and friend for my husband, and to…bla..bla..bla….at the end, I just need some adjustment….a deep breath… and rely more on God in helping me to run my role wisely and wholeheartedly…Thank God, I’m a lucky woman to have Mr. JJ as my husband. He becomes so useful ups…..(not good! Inggrit….) I mean so helpful by giving hands to do practical house chores with me. I realize that to live this role is a a whole life learning…and I am ready to keep growing as a strong, mature and happy  wife by the grace of God.CYMERA_20160110_003043

2 thoughts on “A single to a newbie wife

  1. What an inspiring story dear ma’am Ingg, after read the story above, it encourages me to do like so, like how you being single for more than 30 years (but wish me not too long on my own world, hahahah ) i mean in a good way, i believe that during the interval of your single status, you have been through so many things and it had shaped who you are right now, you have things to be proud off, you are successful , marvelous and great woman. you know?? you had motivated me, and i am blessed to be your mentoring students. i wish during my single life, i can fill it with positive and useful things as you told us on the recent ibadah PMK last year and keep believing in God’s plan, He has better plan beyond ours.

    be blessed of your family, both you and Your KK’J are amazing couple and congratulation, now you are real wife and you have its responsibility. 🙂 (y)

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    1. Thank you dear for being si supportive…hahaha..yeah don’t take to long to purpose your future lady one day ya…and don’t forget to send me the invitation although you are somewhere…very far away (Amen..you just need to mention the place in your heart heheeheh)…just believe that you can also reach all the best things in your life…and always be grateful in any seasons….#PrayingForYou Nyong….


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