Inggrit O. Tanasale is a lecturer in English Education program at Pattimura University, Indonesia. She has been teaching English program since 2008 and she has a passion to educate English teacher who can serve not only in urban but also rural areas. She has taught English with specialties in Writing, Speaking, and Intercultural Communication. She experienced teaching other programs such as TESOL Preparation for a master degree program in Law Faculty at Pattimura University, English preparation for Doctorate program in the Religious study at STAKPN university.

She holds the degree of Master of Education (TESOL International) from Monash University, Australia. She is currently doing her Ph.D. at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She loves listening to the music, playing with kids, cooking for her husband and now is expecting her first baby boy. She hopes that her life can bring an inspiration for more people from rural areas to pursue their educations and return to their own sites to serve the society.